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Why is a drive-thru laundry and dry cleaners convenient?

Do you remember the hassle of going to a traditional dry cleaner with walk-in service?  You might have disliked having to unload all of the kids and then load them back up again just to pick-up a couple of shirts.  Or you may have had to leave them in the car alone.  How about that time when you had to pick up your nice dry cleaned suit only to have it rained on when you walked outside?  Of course, standing in line for ten minutes is very bothersome when you are in a hurry on your way to a business meeting.  Not to mention the frustration of carefully hanging your clothes in the back of your car.

Well, if are tired of having to deal with these hassles please come try our drive-thru service at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners.


-You will be helped quickly by a competent professional

-You can pick up your clothes rain or shine

-You can wait in the comfort of your vehicle rather than standing in line

-You don’t have to waste time placing your clothes in the back of your car, instead allow a Home Steam car attendant carefully place your clothes in your car.

What do you find convenient about our drive-thru service at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners?  Please comment below and tell us!