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Do you need help you with your alterations?

Do you ever have to run over to the local tailors in addition to your other daily activities?  If so, allow us to help you save some time and money.

Instead of driving those extra miles to have your pants hemmed, or your clothing repaired, you could just leave your alterations with us.  We provide a wide variety of in-house alterations including:

-Hemming waist and length on clothing for men and women

-Removing and replacing buttons on delicate clothing

-Replacement of zippers on clothing for men and women

-Repairing torn clothing

-Patching ripped clothing

-Minor repairs

-And much more…

Call us at 512-478-2586 or e-mail us at for more information.

The next time you need help with your alterations, don’t hesitate to bring them in along with your laundry or dry cleaning to save yourself some valuable time and money.