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Welcome Groupon Users!

Groupon users, we would like to welcome you to our website and give you several webpage suggestions.  If you are interested in:

  • Our operating hours and contact information click here.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to mention them to us!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!  We hope you enjoy visiting our website, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Would you like to know the story of our past?

Have you ever wondered where Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners originated?  Or how  many years we’ve been serving Austin?  You will have all your questions answered in our new history page.  From 1915, when we were founded, to 2011, we have written a comprehensive review of our history.  Feel free to jump to the article while you browse our website!

Do you need help you with your alterations?

Do you ever have to run over to the local tailors in addition to your other daily activities?  If so, allow us to help you save some time and money.

Instead of driving those extra miles to have your pants hemmed, or your clothing repaired, you could just leave your alterations with us.  We provide a wide variety of in-house alterations including:

-Hemming waist and length on clothing for men and women

-Removing and replacing buttons on delicate clothing

-Replacement of zippers on clothing for men and women

-Repairing torn clothing

-Patching ripped clothing

-Minor repairs

-And much more…

Call us at 512-478-2586 or e-mail us at for more information.

The next time you need help with your alterations, don’t hesitate to bring them in along with your laundry or dry cleaning to save yourself some valuable time and money.

3 Hour Express Service

Short on time?  Do you need to have your best set of clothes laundered or dry cleaned for a special event that is only a few hours away?

Good News!  We understand that sometimes our customers don’t have room in their schedule to bring their clothes to us ahead of time, especially if they do not live near our location. If you bring in your clothes before 12:00 noon Tuesday through Friday and ask for “Rocket Service,” we will have your clothes ready in 3 hours.  There is only a 25% added charge to the total price for this convenient service.  So remember, when you have to get your clothes quickly cleaned for a special occasion or event, come to Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners and ask for “Rocket Service.”

Help Us Keep Austin Green

In addition to our hanger recycling program, we are now also recycling plastic polymer bags.  If you would like to help us reduce unnecessary waste in Austin, then please return your polymer bags when you come to pick-up or drop-off your Dry Cleaning.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a process which involves the use of a chemical solvent to clean textiles and clothing, instead of water.  When we receive clothes that are to be dry- cleaned, we begin by checking the care labels on the clothes to make sure that the items will not be harmed by the cleaning process.  If the items have any visible stains on them, we will apply special stain removing chemicals on the items to help the dry cleaning solvent remove the stains.  This procedure is typically called “pre-spotting.”  Once the clothes have been sorted into separate dry clean loads, the clothes are ready to be dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning machines use a variety of solvents in their cleaning process.  Unlike some dry cleaners that use an environmentally hazardous chemical called perchloroethylene, we use a cleaner and safer solvent at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners which is referred to as a hydrocarbon solvent.  We also employ solvent recovering dryers which removes any leftover solvent from the clothing.  The clean reclaimed solvent is then funneled back into the dry clean machine for continued use.  This process also reduces air pollution, and helps prevent the solvent from evaporating into the atmosphere.

Dry Cleaning is useful for numerous types of material, including, satin, wool, rayon, nylon and other delicate fabrics.

If you would like more information about the dry cleaning process you can click on this link

We Recycle Hangers

Do you have too many hangers cluttering your closet?  If you would like to free up more closet space and also help the environment, then come leave your hangers with us and we will recycle your hangers for you.  Simply hand your unwanted hangers to one of our helpful car attendants, and we will do the rest!  We at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners are doing our part to help keep Austin green.

Why is a drive-thru laundry and dry cleaners convenient?

Do you remember the hassle of going to a traditional dry cleaner with walk-in service?  You might have disliked having to unload all of the kids and then load them back up again just to pick-up a couple of shirts.  Or you may have had to leave them in the car alone.  How about that time when you had to pick up your nice dry cleaned suit only to have it rained on when you walked outside?  Of course, standing in line for ten minutes is very bothersome when you are in a hurry on your way to a business meeting.  Not to mention the frustration of carefully hanging your clothes in the back of your car.

Well, if are tired of having to deal with these hassles please come try our drive-thru service at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners.


-You will be helped quickly by a competent professional

-You can pick up your clothes rain or shine

-You can wait in the comfort of your vehicle rather than standing in line

-You don’t have to waste time placing your clothes in the back of your car, instead allow a Home Steam car attendant carefully place your clothes in your car.

What do you find convenient about our drive-thru service at Home Steam Laundry & Cleaners?  Please comment below and tell us!

Become a part of our social network family!

We have officially begun a social networking campaign to enable us to communicate with our customers, post new specials, and keep our patrons up to date with the latest news regarding our business.

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Welcome to our new website!

Thanks for stopping by the Home Steam Laundry & Cleaner’s website.  We’re currently adding new features and exclusive online specials that will make our site worth visiting quite often.  Check back soon!